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Bathroom Trends That Will Go Away in 2023

Upgrading or renovating a bathroom is an excellent home improvement choice that adds value before a sale. To make sure you are changing the bathroom to something buyers will like, it’s important to pay attention to current and upcoming trends. There are a few things that were popular in 2022 that are fading out in 2023. This post will inform you about those changes before you get to your project.

All-white Bathrooms

White bathrooms have been popular for a while now. They look very clean and sophisticated, but they’re also a bit boring, so it’s no surprise that people are ready for something new. 

Natural-looking stone, light colors, and warm tones are coming into style. 

If you are concerned about making a small bathroom look larger, light colors and strategic use of color accents can also give the appearance of more space. If it fits your home, and particularly if the bathroom lacks natural light, darker tones combined with warm lighting also create an appealing look.

Faux Wood Tiles

It is going to be very hard to make a tile wall look like a wooden wall, so this style is difficult to pull off in an attractive way. Definitely avoid large grout lines that advertise that you’re working with tile. If you want wood in the bathroom, that’s fine; just stick with natural wood. There are inexpensive options, so you can still have what you want with the same budget you’d spend on the faux wood.


This style has been the go-to for many years, and when a style is popular for a long time, people tend to grow tired of it. It’s much more interesting to favor patterns, more color, and more variety of materials.

Large Tiles

Larger tiles have been popular recently, creating a contemporary look with minimal grout. But styles are trending more traditional and smaller. Artisan tiles are coming back into style.


Some things aren’t meant to last. They’re fun for a short time, but they aren’t likely to endure years of living with them. Limewash is one of those style choices. Making this style look good is difficult, and you’re likely to grow tired of it. To create the same drama in a space, choose a statement color or wallpaper choice or go with simple walls and stage them with artwork.

Chevron Tiles & Busy Mosaics

Much like the limewash, these bold walls can only last so long. They have been overdone, and people are steering clear of these styles.


Yes, glitz feels luxurious, but usually in a rich, exciting way and less in the relaxing, comforting way we need in a bathroom. Glam bathrooms can be attractive, but they aren’t ideal for living. This style of bathroom is going out of style, so maybe plan your bathroom with less Hollywood and more spa in mind.

Call Wendy Gimpel

When preparing a home for sale, it’s best to consider what most people will like. This will make a quick sale much more likely. If you believe your home is too unique and really needs to be sold as such, that can pay off if you’re willing to take the risk that comes with it. A luxury real estate agent can help you achieve your home-selling goals. Contact Wendy Gimpel to get started.

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