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Things to Consider When Buying a Home With a Pet

Our pets aren’t just animals; they’re cherished members of our families. When house hunting, it’s essential to keep their needs in mind. Whether you’re a dog lover, cat enthusiast, or have a penchant for parrots, here’s what to consider, ensuring your new home is comfortable for both you and your pet.

Space Matters

A Suitable Yard 

If you own a dog or are considering getting one, having an appropriate outdoor space is crucial. Look for a house with a yard that’s both spacious and secure. High fences are a must for dogs that jump, and if you have a tiny dog, ensure there are no escape routes!

Indoor Space

While cats and other pets might not need a yard, they do need space to move around indoors. Open layouts without too many tight spots allow pets to roam freely.

Nearby Amenities

Vet Clinics and Pet Stores 

In case of emergencies or routine check-ups, having a veterinarian nearby is always beneficial. Similarly, proximity to a good pet store can make your life much easier.

Parks and Play Areas 

Having a park or a pet-friendly zone nearby is invaluable for those with active dogs. It’s a space for them to run, play, and socialize.

House Features and Safety


While carpets feel soft underfoot, they can be a nightmare for pet owners. They trap odors and fur and are a magnet for accidents. Hardwood, tile, or laminate flooring tends to be more pet-friendly.


Elderly pets or breeds with known joint issues might struggle with stairs. A single-story home might be more suitable if your pet falls into this category.


When scouting a new home, be vigilant of hazards for your pets. Balconies can tempt curious cats to climb, risking falls. Also,, gardens may have plants toxic to animals. Ensure to identify and manage these risks, like removing harmful plants or securing risky areas, to create a safe space for your pets.

Pet Policies and Rules

If you’re considering a condo or a townhouse, it’s essential to check the homeowners association’s rules regarding pets. Some places restrict the type, size, or number of pets you can have.

Community Attitude

Living in a community that’s pet-friendly can make a significant difference. It’s not just about amenities but also neighbors who understand and appreciate the joy of pet ownership.

Let Wendy Gimpel Real Estate Lead the Way

Finding a home that matches your dream list is a challenge. Add a pet to the mix, and the details multiply. But here’s the good news: Wendy Gimpel Real Estate specializes in finding homes that cater not just to people but to their four-legged family members, too. Lean on our expertise and let us navigate the real estate market for you. With our insight and dedication, we’ll ensure that your new home isn’t just perfect for you but for your pet as well. Contact Wendy Gimpel Real Estate today and take the first step towards finding a home where memories with your beloved pet await!

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