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Wendy Gimpel
Wendy Gimpel

Change in Plans…Literally!

No update on the house. Well, it’s because we were struggling with what to do. We have decided…after much discussion and number crunching…to tear down the river house and start over.

This was not even on the radar and we have done our due diligence, believe me. The architectural fees we have paid, we will call (per my mother) “a class.” We learned that we can remodel and not have exactly what we want for close to the same price as just building new and getting a home we can stay in as we get old and creaky (or in Rick’s case, crabby).

We also tried to give the house away (have someone move it to their lot), but as it’s a two-story home and there are power lines that would need to be moved and trees that must be trimmed to make it happen…it’s just too expensive. I talked to people all over the country and the closest we came to giving it away was to a young couple who owned a house-moving company, but the man said the power lines were just going to be too much of a problem.

So, Bauer Brothers is coming out this week to take everything they can use in their salvage warehouse to help with someone else’s projects.

Here we go on another building adventure…

I would love to hear what everyone would put in a new home. A forever home.


2 thoughts on “Change in Plans…Literally!”

  1. Congratulations on the change of plans! Some design suggestions: Covered entry, wide doorways (3′ or more), lever handles on doors, faucets. Shallow flights of stairs (if any), with rails on both sides. Textured grab bars in bathrooms and near any changes in level that don’t have a railing (example: between house and attached garage). You may not need any of these, but guests might appreciate them! Laundry located close to bedrooms, or at least on the same floor. Have fun with the process!

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