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Choosing an architect

Choosing an architect is not something I thought I would ever be doing, but we are so fortunate to have this opportunity with our new house renovations and I am so excited, I am bursting!

I know of a few local architects in the valley and I set out to find a perfect match. I wanted someone who understood our goals for the home, the biggest one being to have a home that will be accommodating to entertain my large family. Family is everything to me. Now that my parents are gone, we need to work hard to keep everyone together. Birthdays, holidays…things are constantly changing and now we are the older generation. Which seems so odd, I still feel like a kid sometimes.

We met with three different architects and I chose to work with Christine Albertsson with A&H Architecture. When I was calling to set up the meetings, I mentioned to her that I was a bit nervous about the 8-foot ceilings in the home. I was not about to raise the ceiling height or I may as well knock the whole thing down. She responded, “Not a problem, it’s the window and room proportions that make the room feel a certain way.” I was so happy to hear that and I did not want to love her, as she was the most expensive of our options, but as they say, you get what you pay for! And I love her. I also love Bruno the dog that comes to the office with her.

Her design assistants have already been out to measure and she is working on the as-built plans right now. I think we are going to turn the old in-ground pool room into our main floor master so that we never have to leave if we are old and gray and our hips don’t work any longer.

We can’t wait to see the plans for this new home renovation!

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