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Do You Really Need a Home Inspection? 

Buyers get excited about their new home, and they want to move in right away. The house hunt has probably been stressful, and the idea of adding something seemingly unnecessary, that could extend their house hunt is understandably unappealing, but don’t neglect a home inspection. Even if the house wows you in every detail, take one more step to get the home inspection to prevent future stress. 

Why a Home Inspection? 

If you’re taking out a mortgage, this decision will be made for you because lenders absolutely require this. 

Even if you aren’t taking out a mortgage, a home inspection can help you ensure you’re not investing in a home that will be more headache than joy or get a better price on your home. You might discover after you move in that something is terribly wrong with the home and have to either live with it or spend a large sum to fix the problem. If you discover it during the home buying process, you could find another home, ask the seller to fix the issue before you buy the home, or have the price of the home reduced to cover the cost of repair. 

Maybe the home is as wonderful as it appears. Your money and time will not be wasted because you can use your inspection to plan your home maintenance schedule.  

If you’re stressed or anxious to move in now, consider the home inspection an investment in a stress-free future with your new home. 

How a Home Inspection Works 

Ensure an inspection contingency is included in your offer on the home. It should be. With this contingency, you have the right to have the home inspected before you close on the home. 

Schedule the inspection so you can be present. It is best for your real estate agent, the seller, and their agent to also be there. Inspections usually take around 3-4 hours. 

Follow the inspector around the home as they inspect it. They’ll take notes and photos, and you can talk to them about the home as they go through it. They can answer any questions you have, point out things as you go so it’s easy to understand and give you maintenance tips specific to your new home. From them, you should discover what is concerning about the home in the roof, foundation, HVAC system, gutters, walls, floors, and more. They will also provide estimates for the repair or replacement of any issues they discover. 

You will probably receive an initial verbal report right then that covers the primary things you need to know and a detailed report of less important things a few days later. 

Should you discover something that makes you decide to buy another home, you can cancel escrow and probably get your initial deposit back.  

A home inspection typically costs between $300-$500.  

Choosing a Home Inspector 

You can ask people you know who have bought a home in the area for their recommendations, ask your real estate agent, or use the American Society of Home Inspectors (ASHI). 

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