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Five Ways to Know You’ve Found Your Dream Home

Buying a house is a large purchase, so it isn’t strange to second guess your finding. Is it really the home of your dreams? Unfortunately, in today’s housing market, houses are not staying available very long, which means you could lose out on the house you love.

A few critical indicators can reassure you about making the right decision on your home purchase. It is essential to know the questions to ask, so you know it isn’t an emotional decision but a strategic and factual one.

Use these five steps to boost your confidence in your new venture.

You Like the Area

No matter how much a home fits your list of “must have’s,” if it is not in the right part of town, it will not be a fit. If you need to live close to transportation to reduce your commute, or if you want to live close to a mall, it is critical to locate a home in that area so you don’t later regret your decision.

If the home you are looking at checks off this box, you are one step closer to finding a home fit for you.

You Like the Pictures

A listing with adequate and beautiful pictures will tell you a lot about the home. You can visualize the design, the layout, and the features such as the fireplace, deck, basement, and more. If a house catches your attention and you want to set aside time to see it in person, you are heading in the right direction towards finding the right place to live.

It Fits Your Requirements

If you need three bedrooms and the home only has two, it probably won’t work for you. If you need two bathrooms with showers and the home only has one, it may not be the right place. You should love a home’s layout, but if it doesn’t check the boxes you set, you may end up with buyer’s remorse.

Determine your house needs based on your budget before beginning a search for the perfect house. Speak with your agent about what is a must for your next home versus what you think would be nice. Do not waver from the minimum requirements you set at the beginning of the process.

You Will Keep Money in Reserve

You need to have money in reserve at the end of the buying process. Financial experts agree it is not a good choice to empty your savings on a new home purchase.

To ward off financial surprises after you move in, thoroughly inspect the Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning system (HVAC). If you are looking at a house in the winter, check the air conditioning and check the heat in the summertime. When seasons change, and you are already living in the house, you don’t need surprise fixes.

Other necessary inspections include plumbing, electric, and roofing. These are high ticket items to repair or replace. You will be able to proactively factor in costs associated with repairs.

It Fits Your Future

There is more to purchasing a home than knowing it fits your current needs. If you see the property growing with your family, it may be a good fit for you. Some graduates prefer to relocate for college, but many young adults are opting to live at home to reduce high housing costs. Your parents could be another concern to consider. Baby boomers are looking for a house that accommodates their children and also allows them to take in their aging parents.

Stillwater Real Estate Agent

If you are contemplating a new home purchase, contact Wendy Gimpel. She has the skills, knowledge, and connections that deliver results in this fast-paced market. Wendy Gimpel Real Estate is located in Stillwater but can help buy and sell in Minnesota or Wisconsin. Contact her today and begin looking for your dream home!

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