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Looking to buy a home in Lake Elmo, Minnesota? Wendy Gimpel is a top luxury real estate agent with Keller Williams who is experienced and knowledgeable in the market surrounding Lake Elmo, and she can help you find the perfect home. Choosing Wendy Gimpel to represent you on your search for a Lake Elmo home will make the process smooth and pleasant. 

Benefits of Buying a Lake Elmo, MN Home 

Lake Elmo, Minnesota is a beautiful place to live as it is a good blend of rural living and luxury living that appeals to many individuals and families. Here are just a few of the awesome things about being a homeowner in Lake Elmo:

  • Lots of farmland 
  • Rich soil for planting 
  • Lakes and water 
  • Great fishing opportunities 
  • Hiking and nature parks 
  • Quiet and simple living 
  • Beautiful views 

People who are looking for a beautiful and quiet place to raise a family or retire will love the scenic rural surroundings of Lake Elmo. There are beautiful nature trails, fishing at the lake, and plentiful land for planting crops and gardens. Living in Lake Elmo is a simple, beautiful life. 

Luxury Housing at Lake Elmo

Living in a rural community does not mean that there are not luxury housing opportunities. There are large estates with sprawling floor plans and luxury amenities such as below-ground pools. There are many opportunities for adventure with all of the local nature attractions that children and adults of all ages enjoy. 

Residents of Lake Elmo love the peace and quiet within the rural community. The homes in Lake Elmo range in size and price, so there is sure to be an option for everyone. It is a great place to raise a family, and Wendy has the experience and knowledge to help you find a great property and close the deal. 

Why Hire Wendy Gimpel? 

Proven Track Record

Wendy Gimpel has a proven track record of providing amazing service to her clients. She has helped them find homes that they love, and they are pleased with how Wendy seamlessly handled every aspect of the deal. Her work ethic is unbeatable, and she has a great personality to go with it that makes people enjoy working with her. 

Attention to Detail 

She is an expert in the local market, and she knows what unique challenges face homebuyers in the area. She will help you navigate the entire process. Attention to detail is one of the ways that she has succeeded in her career, by never letting a single detail be ignored. She knows how important finding a beautiful, safe home is for you, and she advocates for her clients. With experience dealing with both buyers and sellers, Wendy knows what it takes to make a deal happen without hiccups. 

Number One Keller Williams Agent in Lake Elmo, MN

As an in-demand luxury real estate agent, you are encouraged to reach out to Wendy to make an appointment. One thing that you can always expect from her is complete honesty. What people appreciate most about her, in addition to her industry expertise, is how she treats her clients with respect and complete transparency. That’s another reason that she is the number one real estate agent for Lake Elmo Minnesota and surrounding areas.

Lake Elmo, MN

Utilities List, Cable, Power, Phone, Water, Trash

When it comes time to move, you’ll find yourself in need of a Lake Elmo, MN Utilities list. This list includes services for the Lake Elmo area. If you’re looking to buy or sell in the area, Wendy Gimpel and her team are here to help! Wendy the top agent in the St Croix Valley.

Call or text: 651-214-7796 or email

Gas & Electric
Xcel Energy. Xcel billing and customer service can be reached at 800-895-4999. Xcel emergency and power outage services can be reached at 800-895-1999.

Phone, Cable & Internet
Comcast/Xfinity can be reached at 800-934-6489.

Trash & Recycling
• Aspen Waste Systems- (612) 884-8000
• Highland Sanitation- (651) 477-0001
• Maroney’s Sanitation- (651) 439-7279
• Nitti Sanitation- (651) 457-7497
• Republic Services- (651) 286-4570
• Tennis Sanitation- (651) 459-1887
• Waste Management- (952) 890-1100

Water & Sewer
City of Lake Elmo – 651.747.3906 or email


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