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Moving Things Around

I move things around a lot in my home: furniture, lamps, lamp shades, things on the walls, in the kitchen, on the counter, in the drawers, etc. Which makes the husband a bit crazy…he practically has to follow behind me with a putty knife and paint can.

I think when my life feels a bit out of control I need to get my nest in control. Clean and tidy is when I am most comfortable.

It’s not hard…really, it’s not. I go through the mail daily, toss what I am not going to have time to read, file bills and important papers and the rest goes into the recycling.

Laundry: I do laundry once a week. Get it all done and put away. Shirts are hung on a hanger facing the same direction, socks are matched, everything folded all while warm so to minimize wrinkles. If I don’t have time to fold while warm, I will always warm and fluff when I am ready. I will never fold cold laundry, not even towels. It seems wrong, somehow.

Dishes are done daily; sometimes twice a day. The girls unload, but I am always the loader of dishes. I like them a certain way…shocking, I know.

Everything has a place and if I have not touched it in the past 6 months or it does not bring me joy, out it goes.

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