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Moving Tips

So many emotions go along with moving – anticipation, fear, excitement, concern, loneliness, etc. While moving can be difficult, there are some things you can do to make it easier.

Set up a Plan

Sit down with your family to develop a plan for the moving tasks and responsibilities. The first step is to decide the exact moving date and measure the estimated moving cost. Then you should create a list of tasks and responsibilities to distribute among the family members.

Remove Unnecessary Items

Things you don’t need right now can be donated or removed from your home. Moving is the perfect time to clean out closets and storage bins.  You can sell the items on resale websites to make your move easier, have a yard sale, or donate to charity. Removing unnecessary items will free up space to decorate your other essentials and make it easier to move around.

Pack the Items 

The truth is that packing isn’t as difficult as it may seem because you don’t need to pack everything in a single day. The first thing you need to do is load up your seasonal clothes and household items. 

Besides packing the unused items, you can also pack the items you don’t need during the move. The advanced pack will make your moving experience more comfortable and more manageable.

Start thinking about boxes for your home items. While it’s more cost-effective to reuse boxes from stores, it’s sometimes easier to buy shipping boxes that fit your items’ size and shape. Remember to keep the weight of the boxes manageable so you can lift and move them as necessary.

Save newspapers and also find some wrapping paper at your local hardware store. Good packing tape and a sturdy pair of scissors will be helpful during this phase of your move. You will be surprised at how quickly you’ll have your house packed up and ready to go.

Use a Labeling Method

Labeling your belongings before you move will simplify your unpacking process after you move. As an example, you could use colored markers to mark the doors inside your new house. Be sure to write the correct room on each box so you and/or your movers can quickly transfer the boxes and items to the correct locations.

List the Items You Have

It’s always wise to have a list of all major items you are moving, especially if you are using a moving company. They will complete your moving process after your items have been packed. If you happen to lose any box, you will locate it with the list quickly. Write a number on the tracking sheet and the side of each box in the inventory.

Set up Your New Home Before Your Arrival

You should ensure that your new residence has the necessary utilities in place, such as water, heat, and electricity before you move in. You will need all your utilities working before moving into your new home.

Keep Valuables Safe

If you move into your new home, you need to be cautious and protect your valuables and heirlooms. You may not choose to put them in the same vehicles and moving vans/trucks as your household items. Instead, you can keep them with you in your vehicle so they are safe and are not stolen, broken, or lost.

Keep Your Movers in Mind

It is imperative to be as prepared as possible for the movers on moving day. Prepare everything in advance so the movers can pick it up and load it. Be sure to verify when they are coming and the plan for the entire move. Unexpected moving circumstances add extra stress and increase costs due to rushed packing and disorder.

Separate the Essentials

Pack a separate bag with overnight supplies, pet supplies, medications, and other essentials you don’t want to lose among the boxes on moving day. While it’s odd to be in a new home, you can still have a pleasant and stress-free first night in your new home.

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