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New color trend for spring…and dogs on beds

This amazing, trendy new color is a soft pink/dusty rose…call it what you will, but I am in love with it. I bought some linen euro pillow covers at Pottery Barn last fall and a duvet cover (which Milton chewed, but that’s another story) for my bed.

I am now seeing the color absolutely everywhere! It’s lovely, soft, and feminine. I mix it with browns and grey. I found a great grey velvet quilt at Target for my bed and I love it because I can wash it on a regular basis to rid it of Milton hairs and any messy feet. I actually purchased a second quilt so I can always have one clean and ready to go!

I thought I would NEVER let a dog on my bed, but now it’s just a regular occurrence at the Gimpel house and to be honest, I love it. I love that face, the stinky feet, and even the white and black hair. Murphy changed me, end of story. That dog was here for me through a very rough stretch and I loved him fiercely.

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