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Tips for Organizing Your Garage

Your garage can be valuable space when organized to its full potential. If your house is full or short on storage, the garage can be an ideal solution. With a few useful storage tips, organizing this space can be a simple task. A little elbow grease and careful planning will have your garage transformed from a messy catchall to a well-organized and efficient household annex.

Getting Started

First: Purge! Get rid of items you no longer need or use. Once you have pared down, sort your items into groups. Put sports equipment together, garden tools together, and so on. If items are used together, they should be stored together. 

Put items into clear containers with lids if possible. If the containers are not clear, label each one. Stackable containers are handy for multiple boxes. They keep your belongings protected against insects and rodents, keep them clean, and increase floor space. 

Begin making a thoughtful strategic plan for the efficient use of your space. Determine which items you need to use on a regular basis, like cleaning supplies. Store those near your closest door so you can get to them quickly and without digging through other items. You can store seasonal or rarely used items in more out-of-the-way spaces. 

Clear the Floor

A key to organizing your garage is keeping things off of the floor. Your wall space will enable you to utilize your area the best while having easy access. You will base the type of wall storage you use on your budget, storage needs, and personal preferences. 

  • Open Shelving: Open shelves are versatile, affordable, and user-friendly. Everything will be in plain sight and easy to access. Larger shelves are capable of holding heavier items.
  • Pegboard: Easy to install and not expensive, pegboard has been a favorite for generations. It can be used with hooks, clamps, shelves, and bins, and it can store just about anything.
  • Panelized Systems: An entire wall can be covered with these specially designed panels that hold their companion add-ons. Panelized systems can hold heavier things but are not as cheap as pegboard. 
  • Closed Cabinets: If you use your garage to park in, you can store your items in cabinets with doors, keeping things out of sight. These are available in many different styles and materials but are more expensive than other options. 

Store Items Above

Remember to look up! Infrequently used things can be hung from the ceiling including seasonal gear or ladders. Make sure your ceiling storage doesn’t interfere with your garage door opening and closing.

Stay Safe

While organizing your garage, keep safety first and foremost. Don’t store propane or gasoline in the garage. If you have pets or children, keep pesticides and fertilizer out of reach. These toxic materials are best kept in a locked cabinet, along with power tools and sharp implements.

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