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Sellers Should Not Take on These DIY Projects

Do It Yourself Projects, also known as DIY, can sometimes save you money and give you a sense of an accomplishment, but some tasks are best left to the professionals. A task can be unsafe for someone when they are untrained and inexperienced. It is also possible for an improperly completed repair to lead to costly damages in the future. When it comes to home selling, the buyer should ask for a home inspection and your DIY repairs may not pass. 

Projects That Should Not Be DIY

The Electrical Box

Any repair that makes requires changes to the electrical box, such as installing a new light fixture, ceiling fan, or Wi-Fi-enabled switch, can cause shorts that could lead to a fire. You could easily overload the circuit, use a wire that isn’t right for your application, or leave wires exposed. Working with electricity when you aren’t trained is also quite dangerous because you could electrocute yourself. Home codes also apply to electrical components, so if you neglect to get any permits needed for your work, you could incur fines and cause a delay in your home’s sale.


If you are a skilled DIY-er, replacing boards should be fine, but building a new deck, extending one, or working on the rails should only be done by qualified professionals. If any of these jobs are improperly secured, the deck could be a safety hazard.


Even minor roofing tasks like replacing a shingle should be done by a professional. Small problems with the roof can lead to costly damage. Roof repair can also be dangerous if you don’t know what you’re doing.


If you do any landscaping or additions that change the grading of the property (the sculpting or level of the land), water can drain toward the home’s foundation. This can cause flooding, mold, and costly structural damage.


Water is a beneficial and yet very destructive force. If you install a fixture, change an appliance, or make a repair and the plumbing doesn’t function correctly, it could cause a catastrophic leak, mold, or even structural damage. This damage can go undetected for long periods of time before the severity of the water damage is noticed.


Home inspectors, and even some knowledgeable home buyers, can tell when work has been done incorrectly. Do It Yourself work is okay if the job is suitable for amateurs, but do your research first to determine if you should be taking on a task. You don’t want to lose your buyer or have to pay a professional to do the work over. 

Also, properly research professionals before hiring them by looking into their qualifications and reviews of their work. Not all “professionals” are qualified. Make sure you’re choosing someone who knows what they’re doing

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