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Stillwater Offers Great Opportunities for Runners

There is nothing like a good run in the great outdoors. The wind in your hair, the cool air on your face, the feeling of your body being in touch with nature as you take care of it and help your heart – it all adds up to a wonderful, beautiful, life-affirming experience. 

But let’s be honest: some areas are better than others when it comes to running. There are locations all over the United States that offer a lot to people who look to walk, jog, or run. In fact, there are so many great choices for fitness activists that it’s hard to find the best one. If you are attempting to live in a great area for runners, you have an excess of riches to choose from. 

Sometimes the best places are just off the beaten path, the places that are seemingly hidden or overlooked because of their location and population. But these cities can be hidden gems that are worth your time and might be even better than some of the biggest cities in the country.

Stillwater, Minnesota Has What Runners Need

If you are looking for a new place to call your home and want it to include many features that are great for very physically active and healthy people, you should look to Stillwater, Minnesota. Stillwater isn’t a city you may have heard of. Its population is only 19,000, and it maintains a small-town feel that keeps it private and sometimes overlooked. However, it is a true treasure if you are a runner.

First of all, Stillwater is close to the Twin Cities of St. Paul and Minneapolis. So that means if you need to visit a big city and feel that crowded, metropolitan feel, you can easily hop in the car and visit one of the biggest cities in the country.

When you are in Stillwater, you will have many choices to take care of your body and enjoy a fantastic outdoor run. It has many dirt and paved paths that are great for a jog or run and give you access to some amazing views and sights and sounds.  

You will definitely have plenty of opportunities to show off your running abilities if you are in Stillwater. Stillwater has five races: the Lift Bridge Road Race, St. Croix Crossing Half Marathon, Gopher to Badger Half Marathon, Stillwater Boom Site Log Run, and the Stillwater Half Marathon. They are all put on by Run Stillwater, an organization that will connect you with multiple events and groups to belong.

If you are looking to run with others, you have a lot of choices if you live in Stillwater. Many running groups populate Stillwater, including Team World Vision and St. Croix Valley Runners. These groups – and others – will help you connect with people who share your hobby and can lead you in the right direction when you’re looking for more places to run. 

And there sure are plenty of those places in Stillwater. Routes like the 5.9-mile Brown’s Creek State Trail will leave you exhausted and satisfied. The 4.7-mile St. Croix Loop Trail is beautiful, car-free, and a perfect way to rejuvenate the body and mind. Plus, you can even run through downtown’s historic Main Street. There really is no shortage of places to run in Stillwater. 

From its wonderful weather, gorgeous locations, and multiple paths and groups, Stillwater has a lot to offer to anyone who loves running. When you visit Stillwater, Minnesota, you will see that running in a location this beautiful and this special will revitalize both the body and mind. 

Stillwater Top Real Estate Agent

If you are considering relocating to Stillwater, Wendy Gimpel is the real estate agent to contact! She has lived in the area for many years and has been successful in selling homes and helping home buyers find the home of their dreams! Contact her today and get more information on what is available in the area.

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