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Tips for Packing to Move to a New House

Packing up for a move often feels like an epic journey of sifting through your past while preparing for your future. It can seem like a mammoth task, but in reality, it’s a golden opportunity to take a trip down memory lane, sort through your belongings, and keep only the items that still hold meaning for you. In essence, you’re curating your own personal museum, deciding what gets to stay and what needs to go. So, don’t sweat the small stuff! Let’s transform this experience into a fun yet productive project with some straightforward steps. Ready to start this great adventure? Let’s dive right in!

Start Early: 

The saying, “the early bird gets the worm,” holds incredibly true for packing. The earlier you start, the less stressed you’ll feel. If you have a couple of months before the move, start packing the items you use less frequently. Tackling a little bit every day makes the task feel less overwhelming, and you’ll avoid last-minute panic.

Create a Packing Schedule: 

Break down your packing into steps. You could pack room by room, starting with areas that are least used. This way, you’ll gradually see progress without disrupting your daily routine too much.


Packing is a great excuse to declutter. Think like Marie Kondo and review each item. Ask yourself, does it spark joy? Have I used it in the last year? If the answer is ‘no’ to either question, it might be time to let it go. You could sell items online, donate to charity, or recycle them.

Use Quality Moving Boxes: 

It might be tempting to save money by collecting boxes from grocery stores but investing in quality moving boxes will protect your items and provide peace of mind. The last thing you want is the bottom of a box giving way in the middle of the move! 

Label Everything: 

This may seem like an obvious tip, but it’s often overlooked in the chaos of a move. Clearly label your boxes according to the room they belong to. Not only does this make unpacking easier, but it also helps your movers know where to place boxes in your new home.

Pack an Essentials Box: 

This box should be your lifeline for the first few days after the move. It should include toiletries, a change of clothes, medications, chargers, some snacks, and any other essentials. When you’re surrounded by boxes in your new home, you’ll appreciate having your necessities within easy reach.

Handle Valuables with Care: 

Important documents, expensive jewelry, and sentimental items should be handled with extra care. Consider transporting these separately to ensure they stay safe during the move.

Ask for Help: 

Don’t forget, you’re not in this alone! Whether it’s roping in friends and family or hiring professional movers, a helping hand can make a world of difference.

Packing for a move doesn’t have to be a whirlwind of stress. With these tips, you’ll have everything packed and ready to go in no time! Remember, moving is more than just transporting items from one place to another – it’s an opportunity to declutter your life and start afresh in a new space. Embrace this change!

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