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Valentine’s day dessert

Let’s be honest, Valentine’s Day comes with a lot of pressure.

If you’re with someone, did you get them the right gift?

If you’re not with someone, will you be in the lonely hearts club?

Are you going to pull on some sweatpants, take off your bra and dig into some ice cream sans bowl?

In my 26 1/2 years of marriage, I’ve tried to take the pressure off my husband regarding Valentine’s Day.

Just a card and some tulips make me so happy.

I think about the worst thing to do on Valentine’s Day is try to go out to eat. I’m not a fan of the big crowds or the long wait times. If we do go out, we try to go the weekend before or after.

In the last 10 years or so, as my children were still little, we would always have my mom and dad and Auntie Bonnie over for dinner. Just something about being with those you love makes Valentine’s Day extra special.

Growing up, my dad always got me something small but special…a box of chocolates or a card. He let me know how special I was and that I was also his valentine. I have done the same with my children and it’s a special day for us.

I always tried to set a beautiful table and cook a nice dinner. My kids would make valentines for each other and my parents and our special guest! Sometimes we would make chicken fajitas. On one very daring occasion, I actually made some shrimp for my mother!

This year, Harry is bringing over a special friend to enjoy Valentine’s dinner with us! I’m planning on making steak on the grill per his request and some homemade gluten-free chocolate chip cookies. After they cool, I’ll put some ice cream in the middle to make an ice cream sandwich and roll the edges in mini chocolate chips! Here is how I made them!

The chocolate chip cookie recipe I will share soon. It’s a bit different than the Toll House recipe, but it’s close. If you are in a pinch, you can buy pre-made cookies, add ice cream and roll them in mini chocolate chips!

The kids love them and I am a huge fan, too. The cookies are crispy yet chewy, and after they are frozen they get soft and delish! I love Trader Joe’s Premium vanilla ice cream, but you can use the ice cream of your choice. After I make the sandwiches, I freeze them on a sheet pan and cover with foil. They will be ready when you are!


2 thoughts on “Valentine’s day dessert”

  1. I love this Wendy! We aren’t big Valentine’s Day date night people either, so we typically try to have a nice family dinner and then go out for dessert at cafe latte. I’m just going to ask the family though if they’d be open to trying this instead…yummm!

    1. Its pretty amazing to not leave the house on Valentine’s Day! xoxo
      I am glad you will give it a try, they are amazing and easy! You could try other types of cookies too if you’d like.

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