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So, here are my thoughts on family photos. It’s pretty simple…early and often.

I love them so much. I spent money when I didn’t have much because I felt it was so important to capture my babies at every stage. I had read an article in the Pioneer Press in the spring of 1999 that featured a local photographer and I fell in love with her work. That was the beginning of my relationship with Claudia Danielson. Claudia is so incredibly talented and captured my children in a way that is so precious, her value is immeasurable.

Find Claudia here!

She develops her film in her own dark room, nothing digital with this gal, a true artist. I did a little sexy shoot for my hubby for his 40th and she made me feel so comfortable for that, too!

There are people who have templates for hanging large groups of photos. You can find things like that on Pinterest or elsewhere online. For some this is the only way…for me, I like to eyeball it. I used to tell my design clients to keep a similar frame and matte color and then go crazy. Now I have changed my tune a bit. I started with 3 equally spaced photos and then went crazy with the rest. I mixed up the frames, mattes and placement. And I love the final product. I should have put some non-photo items in there, but I had so many photos I needed the room.

Be daring, it’s just a bit of spackle and paint to make it all go away, if needed.

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