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When to Put Up and Take Down Holiday Decorations

Some people want to, and do, leave their winter holiday decorations up all year long. It’s a fun, but controversial choice. People even debate about whether to put up decorations before Thanksgiving or take them down immediately after Christmas. If you’re worrying too much about your holiday decorations or wondering how to fit into your new neighborhood, read this post to learn the recommended choices for both putting up and taking down decorations so you can feel more secure and just enjoy these festive times.

The Christmas Tree

Traditional anything is usually the safest choice in most situations. There are two traditional times to put up the Christmas Tree: the day after Thanksgiving or on Christmas Eve. You can choose these exact days or something close to them to ride that socially-safe wave. Anything in between is also okay, but a bit random.

If you’re using a real tree, you might want to choose a date sometime in December to be sure your tree still looks its best on Christmas day. When to take it down will also be determined by its health.

The two most traditional days to take down the (artificial) tree are the day after Christmas or the day after New Year’s. 

Outdoor Decorations

The day after Thanksgiving would be the most traditional choice as that is the official start of the Christmas season. There is nothing wrong with putting up Christmas decorations in mid to late November so your family can enjoy them when they visit for Thanksgiving either. That choice is basically up to you and how long you plan to leave your decorations out. Will you get tired of them or not want to pay the electric bill?

You might hear some complaints if you put your decorations up before mid-November and certainly if you leave them up after January. Soon after New Year’s would probably be the best time to take them down.

The longer you leave some outdoor decorations up, like inflatables, the more likely they are to start deflating or just look sad from the weather and wear and tear. They may need to be taken down before the lights come down.

You can make your decorating easier by leaving your lights installed, but not turned on, all year long. No one is likely to complain about seeing the strands up there all year. They’re not that noticeable, and we all understand the benefit of saving yourself some trouble.

The Rule?

Unless your neighborhood has laid down a rule, there isn’t an exact guide. To be sure you’re not rubbing anyone the wrong way with your holiday decorations, just stick close to the times listed in this post.

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