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Window Boxes

Honestly, they are a pain in my arse.

I struggle because mine are mostly on the north side of the house. I, of course, added them…hmmm possibly the builder left them off because nothing likes to grow in the cold shade? Anywho, I thought impatiens would be a shoo-in, but turns out, not so much. We will revisit this in the spring.

In the winter, however, they are fantastic!

I always try and shop local, so I set off to Rose Floral in Stillwater. This year I tried not to wing it, as in years past. I actually was more careful about counting the bundles and tried to keep track.

So for my boxes, I need one bunch of spruce tops per box and two bunches for the large box. I start by shoving them in and assorting as I see fit. Then I build on that with some birch logs that I had the husband cut off for me from a downed birch tree we found on a walk. He went and came home with a wagon full! It was amazing.

After adding the birch logs, I add in the red dogwood from my back yard, and top it off with cedar, juniper and dried hydrangea and sedum, all from my yard! It’s not free, but it brings me months of joy!

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