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Luxury real estate is defined just as it sounds. It’s an elite niche specifically focused on luxury properties on the market. The luxurious appeal might come from quality, exclusivity, or perhaps even historical value.

Notably, any property that falls into the luxury real estate market is going to be a highly-priced locale. This market is primarily centered towards ultra-high net worth people. This is defined in general as persons with assets of $30 million or more.

This truly is an elite group that isn’t a huge percentage of the population. It requires more than just being a real estate agent to work in such a market. There gets to be the need for being an expert for all of the properties and just what makes them worth so much.

In these cases, sometimes it is all in the details. From amenities to the neighborhood, the details can make all the difference.

Luxury real estate properties are typically valued at a minimum of $1 million dollars. The average value falls into a range between $2 and $40 million.

Keller Williams has been part of numerous sales in the luxury real estate market, and they are leaders in the luxury industry. In 2020, Keller Williams sold more than 25,000 properties that were valued at over $1 million.

Choosing a Luxury Real Estate Agent

When it comes to choosing a luxury real estate agent, you want to know that your agent is knowledgeable and will really be able to help you. Whether you’re selling or purchasing luxury real estate, the expertise of the agent matters.

Here are some tips for choosing the right agent:

Marketing Skills

With a luxury piece of real estate, marketing will be essential. Remember that this is a niche field so it takes a strong marketing approach to find a suitable buyer for a home in this market. Many people search online for their homes so having an agent who is able to effectively market a home using all of the available avenues is ideal.

The ability to manage online listings, create custom web pages, create videos, and take amazing photos can certainly work in their favor. Marketing efforts should be made both online and offline.

Wendy Gimpel takes a strategic marketing approach for selling homes in the luxury market, and she knows how to find homes in the market as well.


One of the things that makes luxury real estate marketing successful is networking. Your real estate agent should have a large network. Not just any network will do; they need to be plugged into the right channels that will fall into place with luxury homes and buildings.

Bonus points if the luxury real estate agent you work with knows how to mingle with other luxury agents and network with them as well.


Finally, exclusivity can be very helpful with a luxury real estate agent. Someone who is active in exclusive organizations has a far-reaching capability compared to those who aren’t. Exclusive clubs and organizations might just be the connection to the network for such a home.

Luxury Home Listings in Stillwater and Surrounding Areas

Wendy Gimpel is a luxury real estate agent through Keller Williams in the Stillwater, Minnesota area. She has been working in the real estate field for more than 20 years, and over time, she has built a successful business and network to help you in the luxury real estate market.

Make an appointment with Wendy today to find your luxury dream home!

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